5 Ways to Get Your NYC Townhome Ready for Winter

Since the colder months are right around the corner, it’s time to make sure your townhome is in order.


Check These Items Off Your List Before You Hibernate for the Season

Snow days, hot chocolate, and fireplace chats: there’s plenty to love about wintertime in New York City. Since the colder months are right around the corner, it’s time to make sure your townhome is in order. Here are five tips to get your place ready for the frostier weather:

Tune Up Your Heating System

To prepare for the colder months to come, make sure your furnace or heat pump is clean and in working order. If needed, you can hire a technician to come look at it and conduct a carbon-monoxide leakage test to make sure everything is good to go. Make sure your heating and air conditioning contractor belongs to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Association and hires technicians that are certified by the North American Technician

Excellence system. By making sure your heating system is in order, as well as inspecting your furnace and boiler, you’ll be more than ready for the winter weather!

Turn Off Any Exterior Faucets

If you have any faucets on your outdoor terraces or patios, make sure that they’re turned off. Doing so will prevent the pipes from freezing as the ice expands overnight.

Hire a Chimney Sweep

If you have a chimney, hire a certified sweep through the Chimney Safety Institute of America to inspect before you start a fire. In addition to an inspection, they can clean the chimney sweep if needed in order to keep carbon monoxide from coming into your townhome. You’ll also want to order some seasoned firewood that’s at least a year old (such as oak, maple, or elm). Once you’ve lit a fire, roast some marshmallows and sip hot chocolate while watching a Christmas movie with your friends.

Reduce Heating Costs

Keep cold air from seeping into your home by making sure your windows and doors are well insulated. Repair any cracked or broken windows and add caulking around the doors and new windows if needed, as well as any additional insulation. Doing so will cut down on your heating bill during the winter. To further reduce costs, put the thermostat on a lower setting when you’re at work—however, do not turn the heat off completely, or your pipes may freeze. 

Make Sure You Have Some Ice and Snow Removal Tools

No New Yorker is ready for winter unless they have some ice and snow removal tools on hand. To start, invest in a snow shovel, a de-icer, and a snowblower. 

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