3 Tips on Staging Your Brooklyn Apartment

Let’s face it: when it comes to selling in New York City, your apartment can’t just look good—it has to look great.


Explore Three Ways to Make Your Space Stand Out From the Crowd

Let’s face it: when it comes to selling in New York City, your apartment can’t just look good—it has to look great. There’s a lot of competition out there, but by utilizing these tips, your property is sure to top potential homebuyers’ lists.

1. Rid the Space of Large Furniture or Items

The first rule of staging an apartment is to declutter. Donate any extra trinkets, put away valuables, clear your countertops, and don’t leave unnecessary items lying around. More importantly (and less obviously), get rid of large furniture. New York is known for its limited square footage; don’t let that stigma dominate how any potential homebuyers see your pad. When you remove big furniture pieces or items, it opens up the space and makes it look larger. Don’t be afraid to rearrange the remaining furniture to widen the room even more. Another secret: mirrors are known to make rooms feel bigger and brighter. The more possibilities your viewers can see or imagine, the more memorable your place will be. 

2. Color Coordinate

Cozy, comfortable, warm, original, and welcoming. This is what most homebuyers are looking for in a space when they are on the hunt. By color coordinating your furniture and decor, you tie the look of a room together so the space seems intentional, organized, and neat. You can organize your bookshelf, your closet, and other small nooks by size and by color. For larger areas, try having your furniture pieces coordinate with one another as well as with the decor on the walls and accessories on shelves. Add a bold and exciting pop of color with throw pillows. Remember: each color conveys a different meaning, so choose wisely!

3. Don’t Forget the Forgotten Places

You want your visitors to think, “I can see myself living here.” This feeling can be generated right off the bat when they enter your home and see the beauty and coordination of the main living spaces—such as the living room, the kitchen, and even the bedroom. But what about the small, seemingly invaluable places? It only takes one forgotten nook to give someone a sour taste in their mouth. Organize under your kitchen and bathroom sinks with baskets or bins, sweep and label your laundry area with a fun sign or two, get rid of old items in your kitchen cabinets, and make every closet (even the hallway ones) seem luxurious. 

The key to staging your apartment is realizing that this isn’t your home anymore. Ask yourself, “Is this what I would like to see when I walk into my future home?” If the answer is no, take it down, put it away, or save it for your next home adventure.

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